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A place to breathe, connect and celebrate love in nature’s most enchanting spots. 


Spend one hour with us so you can meet the wonders of Wildwood surroundings and venue. We are open for viewings most weekends but we can also organise midweek visits too by getting in touch with us. If you cannot attend to the selected slot of time we kindly ask to advice in advance.

  • Email if your desired tim...

    1 hr

Kangaroo Valley, a little 
piece of heaven

THE Place


Kangaroo Valley is a little piece of heaven made of green pastures, sparkling creeks and golden light.

Kangaroo Valley creates the perfect scenery to celebrate love and embrace your guests on a magical atmosphere of joy, nature and pleasure. 

Located on the western side of the Kangaroo Valley, the bush retreat has a spectacular perch with amazing views, high above the Kangaroo Valley River. It’s nestled amongst the Australian bush and has an incredible natural rock cathedral (perfect for wedding ceremonies), a sunset deck (with breathtaking views at sunset) and the perfect blank canvas function room for your wedding reception.

Jade Flores Photograhy - Wedding - Lauren  Simon -845.jpg

At Wildwood, we're making
love a priority

THE VENUE Wildwood


Perched atop a sandstone bluff with breathtaking views to the lower valley, Wildwood immerses you and your loved ones into the wonders of Kangaroo Valley through a all inclusive journey. From the buildings, to staff, and styling, we cannot wait to host you in true style in the bush. 


Celebrating the nature's
great luxuries

OUR Belief

We believe that nature is the place to celebrate love and joy, to embrace our primary feelings and truly connect with ourselves and others inspired by beauty and authenticity. 


Wildwood is committed to producing the highest quality experience by putting together a team of passionate curators, designers, photographers, stylists and chefs. 


As lovers of our land, we grow socially and environmentally responsible experiences inspired by beauty, authenticity, respect and passion - as well as bringing the nature’s great luxuries. 


Like the forest, we’re always growing, always changing, with aims to learn and improve our practices as we go. Everything we make is meant to bring you pleasure. If, for some reason, it doesn’t, please let us know. 

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