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Experience this exclusive feast
only at Wildwood.

Wildwood Long Lunch hosts Terra Firma - a fire feast from land and sea.

Wildwood Long Lunch

Welcome to the first of the Wildwood Long Lunch series. Wildwood's Long Lunch is all about elevating your dining experience to give you and your guests the feasts you deserve. Our aim is to showcase some of our regions best produce in collaboration with amazing chefs from all around the world.

Wildwood presents
Terra Firma

Terra Firma Fire Dining is an exclusive catering experience like no other. You will be treated to an open fire pit installation with delicious local produce slowly roasting over the hot coals. This humble style of dining embraces back to basic cooking techniques, using only fire and the best local ingredients. 

What You'll Be Having In The Event



Let the Wildwood team 
turn your dream into a reality

What To Expect

On the day of the feast, the Terra Firma team will be up before the sun. Loaded full of fresh produce, from 4 am, they will be stoking the fires and getting ready for the spectacle.

As the sun peeks over the horizon, and the hot coals start to glow red - it’s go time. The chefs set to work, transforming raw produce into sauces, side dishes and tasty creations, while Charly, the head chef readies the meats for hanging over the open fire - strung and seasoned to perfection. Hours of slow cooking follow, carefully attending the meats, turning, brining and basting, ensuring that each produce is as tender and tasty as possible.

The team gets ready for guests to arrive - setting the beautiful long tables outdoors under the trees by the water. The native birds are singing and setting the tone for this incredible dining experience.


We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy and explore our beautiful natural surrounds. Interacting with the team and checking out the impressive open fire pit installation with delicious local produce slowly roasting over the hot coals.

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