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Wedding Fun!


Elevate your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary by giving yourself the power to choose from our incredible selection of fun recommendations available for self-booking. From Barbers to Planner and Cultural features to Painting, our amazing local services are at your fingertips, allowing you to infuse your special day with laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments. Create cherished memories for you and your guests as you indulge in the best that Kangaroo Valley has to offer. Make your wedding a WOW-worthy event with our handpicked selection of services that you can personally select, ensuring your magical day is exactly as you've envisioned it


South Coast Nannies

Do you have kids coming to your wedding? We really cannot recommend South Coast Nannies enough. They are very reasonably priced and can ensure kids can participate without any stress for parents and yourselves. Set them up in The Lounge or even dedicate a space for them in the House for your kiddos to enjoy their own fun in a safe and happy place. Parents can let their hair down and enjoy the festivities of your day!


KLD Photography

When you hire me, I bring the good vibes, laughs and good times. 

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re looking for a South Coast wedding photographer to capture your epic day, or you’re planning to wrangle your blood tribe together for a fun family photo shoot…Woohooooooo!

The fact that I get to help you create lasting memories, portraits that you’ll treasure for generations to come, is an incredible honour.


Live Wedding painting.png

Live Painting

Why not hire a painter to capture the magic and love of your wedding day in live time while your wedding proceed. Live painting is a truly opulent experience which is ages old. Feel like royalty from the renaissance as a talented Artist creates a portrait from life that will become an heirloom to be treasured for generations. Live Wedding Painting create truly beautiful artworks that you will treasure forever. Please contact them directly for this


20221209 - Ally & Connor (Matt Ashton Ph

Dogs of Honour

Wildwood is about inclusive family fun! How could we forget some of our most important and loved family members and welcome dogs to our property. This said - it is a big place where we need to be very respectul of our local animals and that a dog could easily get lost in. That is where Pets of Honour come in. Please contact them directly to organise:

Pet Transport

Ceremony Chaperone

Photoshoot Chaperone

Overnight Care

Pet Attire and Signage




Bertie the Barber offers packages for the discerning Groom and his Groomsmen to make his big day unforgettable. He can come and make sure all the groomsman and other VIP's in your bridal party have a traditional trim, shape and style, with a hot towel treatment.


Smoking Gaddigal

Welcome to Country

Being responsible custodians of this site goes beyond ecological preservation. We are committed to people, community and Culture. We’re grateful to the First Nations’ organisations and Traditional Owners who guide us in interpreting and protecting the Cultural importance of this site. We really cannot stress how special it is to  include Ray and his team at Gaghungal Murring into any celebration at Wildwood



Wedding Planner

We really cannot reccomend working with a wedding planner enough. They can help you set a theme and make it a reality and will coordinate all the hiring and florals for you. Their fees are so reasonable here on the South Coast that we really reccomend all couples to at least chat to one to understand what they do and decide if it’s for you.




Wedding entertainment is the heartbeat of celebration, and choosing between the soul-stirring intimacy of live acoustic music and the pulsating energy of a DJ can be a tough decision. Our DJ package is included in the Gold & Platinum Packages, or you can add onto the Silver.


But why settle for one when you can have both? Upgrade to our acoustic entertainment & Dj package! Picture the romantic allure of acoustic melodies during your canape hour, seamlessly transitioning into the lively beats of a DJ as night falls. This harmonious blend ensures every moment is accompanied by the perfect soundtrack, creating an unforgettable atmosphere where heartfelt serenity meets the euphoria of celebration. With this combination, your wedding becomes a symphony of love, an experience as unique and dynamic as your love story.


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