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Hosting eco-friendly celebrations

Wildwood is placed in a beautiful bush setting on the edge of the national park, so we pride ourselves in putting the environment at the forefront of every aspect of our business. Every decision we make, from the products we buy to the people we work with and the way we construct our built environment, is taken with the best possible environmental, social and cultural outcomes in mind.

Being responsible custodians of this site goes beyond ecological preservation. We are committed to people, community and Culture. Building relationships, respecting history and creating a safe and welcoming place for all who work and play here.

We’re grateful to the First Nations’ organisations and Traditional Owners who guide us in interpreting and protecting the Cultural importance of this site. And we invite our guests to learn more by incorporating Aboriginal Culture and history experiences into events held here at Wildwood.

How we keep Wildwood green

Everything we purchase is considered. Wherever possible we buy local, eco friendly products with sustainable packaging.

We see ourselves as custodians of this land. A beautiful bush paradise that should be preserved for generations to come. We invest heavily in our gardens and planting local varieties and providing a safe home to native fauna and flora. Our buildings are designed using re-purposed materials and with as little impact to the local natural environment as possible.

Our prop closet is stocked full of recycled treasures from previous weddings and op shops, featuring candles, bunting and other decorations, to suite ceremonies of all styles.

Leftover food is packaged and distributed to the wedding family after the wedding or, if your prefer, donated to Nowra Homeless Hub and Salt Ministries. Food scraps are composted for use in our vegetable garden.

We’re all about planting and growing. We are reintroduced many original species that existed prior to European settlement including dozens of rare and threatened species. We want to welcome back all the local critters, so our landscapes are carefully designed to provide the best habitat opportunities. We regularly witness echidnas, lyre birds, wallabies and wombats happily making Wildwood their home. The food we grow is used by our catering partners for our events. 

Rain water is harvested and recycled for use on our lawns and gardens.

Wastewater is treated and utilised on-site.

Using our mini bus service minimises vehicle traffic in and out of our property and around the village.

Going vegan?? In keeping with our eco-principles, we would be happy to suggest local partners for a personalised Vegan menu if this is your preference .  

They choose organic and locally sourced where possible - but always Australian grown. Our chefs pride themselves on making everything from scratch - chemical free and delicious!  

We support local farmers and artisans for some of our catering ingredients as well as foraging in our own herb and vegetable garden.  

Pick it - cook it - eat it!

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