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Make yourself at home at Wildwood House.
Escape to one of the most amazing accommodation options in the Valley and enjoy a few days pre/post-wedding celebrations with your family. Our beautiful onsite accommodation, Wildwood House, is the perfect start to your wedding celebrations and will allow you time to relax and enjoy our gorgeous environment.

Wildwood House

Guest accomodation sleeping up to 8 (1 x king, 3 x queen), including a honeymoon master suite, and, if you want to keep it traditional, separate rooms for the evening before the wedding. Includes a full kitchen, an outdoor pizza oven and lots of spaces to prepare for the day.

Wildwood House is styled in keeping with our green principles, so you can be assured that your stay will be low impact and eco-friendly, yet still luxurious. 

Relax before and after your wedding in our onsite  accommodation. Perched on the edge of our gorgeous river escarpment ,Wildwood House is the perfect retreat for the duration of your wedding.

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