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Chloe & Zoran

The day

In the heart of Wildwood, where nature's beauty knows no bounds, Chloe and Zoran embarked on a journey that was nothing short of magical. Their wedding day was a testament to the ethereal wonders of the forest, with every detail echoing the theme of enchantment and love.

Chloe, our enchanting bride, embraced the forest fairy vibes with grace and whimsy. She wore a flower crown atop her flowing locks and a long, ethereal dress that seemed to float among the trees. Her attire embodied the spirit of a woodland nymph, and as she walked through the forest, she looked as if she had stepped right out of a fairy tale.

The ceremony was set against the backdrop of a breathtaking Valley Lookout, with an overarching branch adorned with white flowing drapery. It was as if the forest itself had conspired to create a natural cathedral for this sacred moment. The gentle rustling of leaves and the soft, dappled sunlight added to the enchantment, making it a truly magical experience.

For photographs, Chloe and Zoran ventured into the heart of the forest, deep within the cave dining room. Surrounded by the lush rainforest and serenaded by singing lyrebirds, they captured the essence of their love in a setting that was as unique as their journey together.

Chloe and Zoran's wedding was a true fairy tale, a celebration of love that embraced the magic of the forest. Every element, from the flower-crowned bride to the woodland ceremony and intimate reception, came together to create an unforgettable day. It was a reminder that love, like nature, is a force of beauty and wonder, and when celebrated in the right setting, it can be a truly enchanting experience.

The When

Tuesday 25th July 2023

The Who

Couple: Chloe & Zoran

Celebrant: Rosemary Johnson

Hair & Makeup: Michelle Cato

Entertainment: NBDJ

Catering: Caterina

The Style

Chloe and Zoran chose to celebrate their love intimately, surrounded by their closest friends and family. With only 20 guests in attendance, the day was filled with warmth, laughter, and heartfelt moments, allowing everyone to share in the couple's deep connection.

The decor exuded the fresh and natural beauty of the Australian wilderness. White and greenery dominated the palette, blending seamlessly with the surroundings. The tables were adorned with native flora, creating an ambiance that felt like an oasis in the heart of the forest.

As day turned to night, Chloe and Zoran shared their first dance in front of Wildwood's giant light-up LOVE sign. The outdoor festoons created a magical atmosphere, casting a warm glow over the couple as they swayed to the rhythm of their hearts. It was a moment of pure, unbridled love, illuminated for all to see.


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