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Katrina & Joe

The day

A heartwarming moment unfolded as Katrina was escorted down the aisle by their young son. It was more than a gesture; it symbolized their family's unity and love, adding a unique layer of sentiment to the ceremony.

Katrina and Joe's Wildwood wedding was a day of transformation and unique style. It was a celebration of love and individuality that defied convention, proving that weddings can be as diverse and extraordinary as the love they commemorate. In a world of traditional ceremonies, they dared to be different, and their day will forever shine as a beacon of inspiration for couples seeking to infuse their nuptials with personality and creativity.

Before the ceremony, Katrina and Joe shared a "first look," a moment of raw emotion and profound love. Seeing each other in their unique outfits, their eyes sparkled with awe and affection, capturing the essence of their unique connection.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the day took a remarkable turn. Katrina, our radiant bride, started her journey in a stunning rose gold gown, a symbol of timeless elegance. However, as the day evolved, so did her outfit, showcasing her bold spirit. In a surprising twist, Katrina transformed into a vision of edginess and creativity with a funky short wedding dress paired with a long tulle cape. The change left everyone in awe and encapsulated the couple's readiness to embrace the extraordinary.

The When

Saturday 27th August 2022

The Who

Couple: Katrina & Joe

Celebrant: Joanne Novich

Entertainment: Diamond Beat

Catering: Caterina

The Style

Katrina and Joe's Wildwood wedding was a dazzling display of style that defied convention. It was a day of vivid colours, artistic expression, and boundless creativity. The reception décor was a vibrant spectacle. Tables were adorned with colourful vases brimming with exotic blooms, reflecting the love and joy of the day. Wildwood's gold placemats and burnt orange napkins added a touch of sophistication and warmth to the setting. The same vibrant blooms graced in-room chandeliers and the ceremony arbor, creating a seamless flow of colour and beauty.

Guests were welcomed by a captivating photo wall that set the tone for the day. Featuring a luxurious lounge and a round mesh and silver tinsel backdrop adorned with the vibrant blooms from the ceremony, this enchanting setup was the perfect canvas for unforgettable photographs.

Their wedding cake was more than a dessert; it was a work of art. Painted like a canvas by a skilled artist, its vibrant and abstract design mirrored the couple's vivacious personalities and served as a delectable centrepiece for the reception.

The Review

We had a truly perfect wedding at Wildwood and cannot recommend it enough. The ceremony location is breathtaking and the reception venue is absolutely gorgeous. A big highlight was the onsite house that it's sort of split in 2 sections so can still get ready in the same house without seeing each other.


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