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Terra Firma Long Lunch 2022

Saturday 27th May 2022 to Sunday 28th May 2022

In the picturesque countryside of Wildwood, a magical weekend unfolded, bringing together an exciting fusion of flavours, live music, and laughter. The event was meticulously captured by the talented Drummerboy Pictures, ensuring that the memory of this culinary adventure would last forever.

The occasion aimed to spotlight and celebrate exceptional local producers and suppliers, and boy, did they deliver! Allow us to take you on a delightful journey through the highlights of this unforgettable weekend.

**Charly and the Terra Firma Team - Culinary Maestros**

Last but certainly not least, a round of applause for Charly and the talented team at Terra Firma. They worked their magic in the kitchen, bringing forth a feast that was nothing short of extraordinary. Their culinary prowess and passion made the weekend truly unforgettable.

The festivities kicked off with KV Wines, who were feeling particularly generous. They thrilled their customers with a fantastic offer - a complimentary bottle of their finest sparkling wine for every order of 11 Argentine wines! Such a sparkling deal is sure to lift anyone's spirits.

**Southern Highland Beers & Artemis Gins - Cheers to a Good Time!**

Next up, Jeff from Southern Highland Beers and Artemis Gins tantalised taste buds with the promise of handcrafted delights. Not only could you enjoy these beverages anywhere in Australia, but he also had exclusive deals available for eager patrons. And judging from the enthusiastic response, it seems like a good number of people partook in their libations during the post-event festivities!

**Smoking Gauchos - Grill Masters Unite!**

Attention, barbecue enthusiasts! Kev from Smoking Gauchos joined the party, offering a tempting $20 gift on purchases. But that's not all; those interested in mastering the art of grilling could sign up for Kev's upcoming barbecue masterclasses at Wildwood. A sizzling opportunity, indeed!

**Rosewood Farm - Bringing Farm Fresh to Your Table**

For those craving succulent meats sourced straight from the valley, Rosewood Farm stepped up to the plate. They were more than happy to take orders for their delectable produce, delivering the essence of the countryside directly to your door.

**Terrawah Farms & The Patchy Growers - Veggie Heaven**

Health-conscious foodies were not left behind, as Terrawah Farms and The Patchy Growers presented their mouthwatering vegetables. Fresh, delicious, and packed with nutrients, these veggies had everyone coming back for more.

**Angies Food - Sauces That Sizzle!**

The tantalizing sauces that graced the tables were thanks to Angies Food. Not only did they offer a chance to order these amazing sauces, but they also curated delightful hampers and ready-to-eat meals, making dining an absolute pleasure.

**KV Olives - Get Your Chimichurri On!**

Ever wanted to try your hand at making chimichurri? KV Olives had just the thing for you! Whether you were a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, experimenting with their olives added a burst of flavor to your culinary adventures.

**South Coast Nuts - A Nutty Obsession**

When it comes to nutty indulgence, South Coast Nuts knew how to deliver. Their offerings were so delightful that attendees eagerly anticipated more of their produce in the future. A nut lover's paradise indeed!

**Nandini Farm - Bread to Remember**

Mrs. Bread from Nandini Farm made her presence felt, offering her delicious bread to complete any meal. Warm, crusty, and comforting, her bread was a delightful addition to the array of delectable treats.

**Welcome to Country with Drew Longbottom**

The event also honoured tradition, with a heartwarming Welcome to Country performed by the talented Drew Longbottom. His bush kids club captured the hearts of all, reminding everyone of the importance of preserving culture and community.

**Philippe's Melodies - Music to Savor**

Entertainment was taken care of by none other than Philippe on the accordion. His enchanting melodies filled the air, creating an ambiance that made the whole experience even more magical.

**Shoalhaven Council & The South - Thank You!**

The organizers extended a huge thanks to the Shoalhaven Council and The South for their support in making this spectacular event possible. Collaborations like these truly bring communities together.

As the sun set on this remarkable weekend, the Wildwood team expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees, producers, suppliers, and entertainers who made the event a resounding success. But they're not resting on their laurels! The team is already planning their next adventure and welcomes any feedback and ideas to make it even more thrilling.

If you enjoyed the event, the lovely grounds of Wildwood, and the warm hospitality of the staff, don't forget to share your positive experiences by posting a review. Your words could inspire others to come and revel in the magic of Wildwood.

So, until we meet again at the next Wildwood Long Lunch Extravaganza, keep your taste buds ready for more delectable treats, your dancing shoes primed for lively tunes, and your spirits high for another unforgettable adventure


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