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Optional Extras

Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar

We can set up a beautiful cocktail bar for a welcome drink after the ceremony.


Post-Ceremony Cocktail Hour $880 minimum spend gets extra bar staff and setup of outdoor cocktail bar + first 30 spritz. Additional can be purchased at $14 spritz and $16 in cocktails (select up to 3)



Rum Cooler - rum, lime juice, rosemary sprig, fresh lime

Storm Boy - rum, ginger beer, mint

Margarita- Tequila, Grand Marnier orange liqueur, lime juice, fresh lime

Paloma - Tequila, Grand Marnier, Ruby Grapefruit Juice, Mint and Soda served in a tall glass

Yuzu Gin - Four Pillars Yuzu Gin, yuzu syrup, lime juice, dried lime

Cosmopolitan - Noosa Vodka, Triple sec, lime juice, cranberry juice, dried lime

Bloody Mary (for recovery brunches mainly)



Classic Aperol Spritz

Aperol, Prosecco, soda, rosemary sprig, fresh orange

Pimms Spritz

Pimms No.1, ginger ale, lemon juice, fresh orange & mint

Elderflower Spritz

St Germain, sparkling wine, soda, lime juice, rosemary sprig, fresh lemon

Seasonal Spritz (walnut, rhubarb, fresh flowers, quince from Saisons Vermouth)

Passionfruit Gin Spritz

Dry gin, passionfruit puree, sparkling wine, soda, rosemary sprig, fresh lemon

Gin & Tonic

Nothing quite hits the spot like a Dry Gin and Tonic - we serve ours with the pearls of finger lime infused thru

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